Preliminary Investigation Into Porsche Taycan Power Loss

According to a recent report by Automotive News, NHTSA opened a preliminary investigation of 2020 and 2021 Porsche Taycan electric cars related to power loss. The report says the NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation has received nine complaints from Taycan owners related to the issue. Six complaints also state that the car wouldn’t restart after the power loss.

Editor’s Note: Porsche reached out to InsideEVs with the following comment:

“Firstly, our first priority is the safety of anyone travelling in one of our cars. We are aware of nine customer complaints and have, as a result, received the NHTSA inquiry, which is a routine part of their oversight process. We are already underway in addressing this issue and look forward to answering NHTSA’s questions and quickly resolving the underlying issue, should one be confirmed. All Taycans remain safe to drive – we are not aware of accidents reported in connection with this issue.”

In addition, NHTSA points out two field reports that, according to an NHTSA document viewed by Automotive News, claim “a loss of motive power while in motion at any speed without warning to the driver.”

Based on the initial probe, which reportedly started this week on Monday, May 17, 2021, NHTSA doesn’t yet know how many Taycan may be affected. 

Automotive News reported that according to the official NHTSA document:

“All complainants allege the loss of motive power occurred without warning and that no error messages about a battery issue displayed during or after the vehicle stalled.”

Interestingly, the publication also reported that some complaints mentioned that an error message popped up. It allegedly read “electrical system error.” They claim it also advised them to park the car in a “safe place.”

To be clear, we’re not sure why Automotive New reported that “All complainants” said there was no warning or error message, but then pointed out that some mentioned an error message. This seems to contradict itself, so we’ll have to wait for further details from NHTSA.

Automotive News contacted NHTSA and Porsche for comments on the matter. NHTSA responded saying that a loss of charge in the Taycan’s 12-volt battery could deactivate the vehicle’s electrical system and render it inoperable.