Automakers Want Aid Set Aside for Car-Grade U.S. Chip Production

Ford Motor Co. Unveils $1 Billion Chicago Plant Transformation

Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Automakers want a portion of the money Congress approved for addressing the global semiconductor shortage to be reserved for vehicle-grade chips — warning of a potential 1.3 million shortfall in car and light-duty truck production in the U.S. this year.

Congress last year authorized federal spending on research and design initiatives to boost domestic chip production and create a subsidy for domestic manufacturers. But the money still needs to be included in an appropriation measure before it can be doled out.

“Given the importance of chips to current auto production and future automotive innovation, it would be regrettable if none of the funding under the CHIPS for America Act, once appropriated, was used to increase the resiliency of automotive supply chains through the construction of new facilities that produce or have the ability to produce auto-grade chips,” John Bozzella, president and chief executive officer

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Official Production Eleanor Mustang Legend Brought Back To Life

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This is one of the most famous Mustangs in the world!

One of Hollywood’s greatest facets is their extensive automotive influence, from The Dukes Of Hazzard Dodge Charger to the Bullitt Mustang. These cars have become the icons of many car enthusiasts young and old. Of course, there is one car that stands out above the rest, this well-known silver Stang is the star of one of the best car movies ever made. Many have been keen to build their version of the car, there was even one case of a YouTuber being sued over creating a series around building their recreation of this on-screen legend. Yes, you guessed correctly, it is Eleanor!

Watch a Charger vs Bullittt Mustang showdown re-imagined here.

What sets this Eleanor Mustang part from all of the fakes and replicas out there is the fact that

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NIO and Ford Idle Car Production Amid Chip Shortage

Chinese electric vehicle maker  (NIO) – Get Report and U.S. automaker Ford  (F) – Get Report are the latest automotive companies to idle production at some of their plants due to an ongoing shortage in semiconductor chips that has impacted global car and truck production.

NIO announced Friday it would halt production for five working days at its plant in Hefei, China. It also cut its first-quarter delivery forecast to around 19,500 vehicles, compared to the 20,000 to 20,500 vehicles it had previously expected.

That followed in Ford’s footsteps, with the automaker announcing Thursday it will idle production of its popular F-150 pickup truck at a plant in Michigan through Sunday due to the chip shortage. The carmaker had cautioned about the chip shortage affecting production following a bond sale earlier this month.

NIO and Ford are among several automakers that have been forced to

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Car seat foam shortage threatens to derail auto production, report says

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

You have to have seats to build a full car.


Automakers continue to suffer through a semiconductor shortage, but there may be another issue brewing in the background: foam. Specifically, the foam that goes into millions of car seats we sit on every day when going for a drive. According to a report from Automotive News on Thursday, suppliers are “scrambling” to restart production following the devastating Texas winter storms last month.

The storms knocked power offline for millions of residents and produced water shortages statewide, and the state’s petrochemical plants didn’t go unscathed. Two sources spoke with the publication saying things are fine for now, but the problem may become serious in the coming weeks. One source cautioned this is a “threat” and not a “given,” depending on how the sector ramps up production again. But the semiconductor shortage has left automakers in a tough spot

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