Day: August 19, 2021

Back to the Bricks Rolling Cruise kickoff celebrates Flint’s rich automotive history

FLINT, MI — Swapping stories of classic cars is nothing new to Flint physician Bobby Mukkamala.

A collector himself, it’s a prideful hobby of his to keep pieces of Flint’s automotive history in prime conditions.

Mukkamala is able to notch two new notes to his resume when it comes to talking cars.

The first was being named the 2021 Back to the Bricks Show and Cruise official Grand Marshall and within cutting the ribbon for Wednesday’s first day of Rolling Cruises, he was also able to swap car stories with a NASCAR driver.

“I’m a car guy myself. I happen to clean out earwax during the day, but I wrench on the side,” Mukkamala said. “(Back to the Bricks is) something that puts us on the map, and continues to keep us on the map as far as automotive history. It’s really something to be proud of when you’re a

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Mom And Son Accused Of Luxury Car Thefts

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We’ve seen a lot of this lately…

Law enforcement in Fort Bend County, Texas say they’ve arrested a mother and her son, who are accused of being involved in a lucrative luxury car theft ring. The investigation is ongoing, so some details simply aren’t available, but the local sheriff’s office did provide some information to the media.

A man stole 50 luxury cars for his multiple girlfriends. Find out more here.

According to authorities, Nga Thi Nguyen, 47, and her son Alex Van Le, 22, were both arrested on August 12 after an anonymous tipster provided information. When police arrived at the home of the mom and son, they claim what they found were 5 stolen luxury cars with a combined market value of $528,000.

Sometimes journalists and law enforcement can get a little loose with the term “luxury car

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