Day: August 13, 2021

How to wash your car without water

In many areas drought has become a new normal, which makes it tough to keep your car clean. Perhaps you have a good car wash nearby that uses recycled water, but I find a lot of car washes do a lousy job for a lot of money while lazily attacking my car with a pressure washer. No thanks. The answer to this combination of pain points is a waterless car wash. 

Waterless car wash technique

A good waterless car wash technique will pull the dirt off your car with ease and leave a nice shiny wax coat. Done right, no part of your towel should ever be much dirtier than this.


Waterless car wash products have been around for awhile but didn’t get a lot of shelf space since traditional bucket & hose car washing was so accepted. Now I suspect these waterless products are set for a swell of popularity in

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