Day: January 6, 2022

Analysis-Jumping on EV wagon represents risky ride for tech pioneer Sony

By Tim Kelly

TOKYO (Reuters) – From personal music players to games consoles, Sony Group has often gambled in order to be a pioneer, but a leap into electric cars could take the risks to a new level for the Japanese consumer tech giant.

While investors were wowed when Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida this week told a Las Vegas tech fair the company was setting up Sony Mobility, its stock fell 7% on Thursday as they contemplated the challenge of actually delivering EVs packed with sensors, consumer electronics and entertainment offerings.

The primary goal of Sony-branded cars, analysts say, is to create an autonomous connected vehicle for services such as car sharing and ride hailing, which could eventually outstrip automobile sales.

Research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates that the “mobility as a service” market could balloon to $40 billion by 2030 from around $3 billion last year.

But analysts point out that

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Is There a Future for Solar Cars?

The very aerodynamic shape came from GranStudio in Italy.

Lightyear photo

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As we see the slow fade of the internal-combustion engine, as well as some thorny problems with the sustainability of the materials used in electric car batteries, might the next step be a “solar car” that gets much of its power from photovoltaic panels on the roof?

That’s the premise of Lightyear One, a Dutch company that raised US$110 million last year to put its large and luxurious five-seat hatchback into production next summer. “We are at the forefront of a historical market opportunity, by introducing the first cars on the market that charge their battery directly from the sun, completely free,” says Lex Hoefsloot, founder and CEO of Lightyear, adding that the company plans to introduce the Lightyear One exclusive model in 2022.

The all-wheel-drive car has a very aerodynamic drag coefficient somewhere under 0.20, similar

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