Day: January 5, 2022

CES 2022: YouTube heads to Volvo cars with baked-in safety nets

Volvo with YouTube

Well, that’s a nice bonus for when you’re waiting in the car.


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Volvo owners will soon have the ability to watch YouTube videos in their cars, but not without guardrails in place. On Wednesday Volvo announced YouTube will be available to download via a car’s infotainment system and Google Play store. The company didn’t provide a specific timeline for when YouTube will be available to download but promised it’s the “beginning of enabling video streaming in cars.” This is all part of Google’s broader CES 2022 announcement that it plans to juice Android Automotive OS with functions such as YouTube integration and much more.

The feature comes with explicit guidelines for when drivers or passengers will be able to watch YouTube in the car. The answer is: at no

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1961 Chevy Biscayne Revived After Decades Of Sitting

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This car is ready to show off its age and vintage style after having been abandoned for years.

The early ’60s were a pivotal time within the American automotive community, like the idea of building cars for speed and style was on the rise as a genuine consideration for auto manufacturers everywhere. While this applied to every automotive company, General Motors was at the forefront of innovation and technology when it came to this concentration. This high-performance formula was represented by cars like the Pontiac GTO, Chevelle, and other muscle cars that began their journey around 1964. However, we often forget about the vehicles before these awesome muscle cars. That’s where this car comes into play as it shows off exactly what Chevy engineers were thinking in the time before muscle cars.

Check out a widebody Chevelle here.

After sitting in a

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Qualcomm is expanding its automotive platforms with new Volvo, Honda, Renault deals

Qualcomm has announced several new expansions of its partnerships with major car companies to provide hardware and software platforms for connected vehicles at CES 2022, partnering with Volvo, Honda, and Renault to add more functionality to their upcoming cars.

Qualcomm already has a full suite of automotive platforms, which it collectively calls the Qualcomm Digital Chassis. The goal is to provide automakers with a variety of tools they can use to help make their cars more intelligent and more connected (although companies can pick and choose which of the platforms they want to use).

Those include:

  • Snapdragon Ride, which provides driver assistance and automated driving technologies
  • Snapdragon Cockpit, for in-car experiences, including SoCs and software solutions for powering multiple displays and audio / video / multimedia
  • Snapdragon Auto Connectivity, for providing automakers with LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and GPS solutions for connecting cars to the internet, cloud, and other vehicles
  • Snapdragon
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