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2022 Ford Tremor Off-Road Package vs. Aftermarket Parts

It’s a debate that is as old as time: Is it less expensive to buy the fancy new off-road package straight from the dealer or to piece it together with aftermarket parts? Ford’s recent introduction of the Tremor off-road package to the company’s Ranger, F-150, and F-Series Super Duty has only heated up the discussion. So, is it more cost effective to piece together the parts and build your own “Tremor” or are you better off biting the bullet and purchasing a new Tremor model from the Ford dealer? Let’s dig in and find out!

What Does Ford’s Tremor Package Add?

The content added with the Tremor package varies slightly between the three Ford pickup models, however the main offerings remain the same. All of Ford’s Tremor models have a small increase in ride height, unique springs and shocks, and a full complement of skidplates. They

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Used truck auction prices slipping but still historically high

Used truck auction prices dipped in April as freight demand softened, but the doubling in cost of acquiring low-mileage pre-owned equipment over the last year will take months to return to anything resembling normal.

And even with the peak crested, prices will be much higher than the historic gap between new and used Class 8 tractors, according to J.D. Power Valuation Services.

“Pricing is still extremely high by historical standards — particularly for the newest trucks available — but [auction] hammer prices for all trucks sold in April 2022 and early May 2022 were noticeably lower than earlier in the year,” Power said in its latest Guidelines newsletter.

A 3% month-over-month increase for 2018 models contrasted declines of 3.7%, 4.2% and 19.8% for 2020, 2019 and 2017 model year sleeper cabs. The big dip for 2017 models correlated with a mix of less-equipped trucks and a small sample size.


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The Sport Sedan Is a Notch Sportier

The seventh-generation BMW 3 Series, despite somewhat ironically ranking seventh among our list of current compact sedans on sale at the time of this publishing, is a huge global sales hit. BMW says it’s moving more units and selling faster than any 3 Series before it, cresting 1.1 million cars sold since the latest-gen was introduced in 2018. That would explain the extremely conservative approach to the refreshed styling of the 2023 BMW 3 Series, now with slightly more edge for a sportier character.

The Same but Different

The first thing noticeable—okay, perhaps only to eagle-eyed BMW fans—about the new 3 design is the headlights. On the outgoing model, BMW was inspired by the small notch below the E46 generation of 3 Series’ headlights, and brought it back as a small design element in the headlight of the new car. That’s gone now, with a clean

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It’s Time to Deliver Our Neighborhoods from Illegal Commercial Truck Parking


Illegal truck parking in Queens (photo: Daniel Sparrow, Council Member Linda Lee’s office)

No matter where you look in Eastern Queens, it seems like there’s a commercial truck illegally parked. Whether it’s along a highway or in a quiet residential neighborhood, these four-ton vehicles are hard to miss. Now, it seems like this long-standing problem is reaching a crisis level citywide. Fines and enforcement alone won’t solve this problem — we need a comprehensive solution that involves government agencies, elected officials, and the private sector to solve this problem for the long-term.

Around 90% of the goods shipped within New York City are carried by truck. Nearly 9 million New Yorkers rely on these trucks and their drivers for our food, medicine, building materials, and just about everything else that makes our daily life possible. On top of servicing New Yorkers’ needs, trucks also support JFK and LaGuardia airports, two

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