Day: March 13, 2021

The Stealthy Art of Ultra-Custom Car Sound Systems

Photo credit: Grant Cornett

Photo credit: Grant Cornett

From Road & Track

Matt Figliola is trying to sort the electronics on an Aston Martin Lagonda. This is no small challenge. The Lagonda, an outrageous four-door wedge of hubristically ambitious Seventies futurism, was the first car with a purely digital dashboard, a technological overreach that nearly bankrupted the company. The one he’s working on lacks the dreaded cathode-ray tube dash, and instead has the dreaded red LED matrix dash and an expansive smattering of disastrous touch-sensitive controls strewn around the cabin. “It’s all malfunctioning and will need rebuilding,” Figliola says. “And we will do some updating to the stereo for sure. This client almost always installs vintage McIntosh Car Audio in his cars. We have a small inventory that we service and keep for him.”

This story originally appeared in Volume 3 of Road & Track.


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7 Car Stocks To Sell on the Chip Shortage

Car stocks, especially shares of electric vehicles (EVs), have turbocharged portfolios in the past year. Meanwhile, the auto industry — which increasingly relies on semiconductors — has been in the limelight.

However, due to the current chip shortage, many car makers have announced they would be temporarily halting production. As a result, car stocks have come under pressure. And therefore, this article introduces seven car stock to sell in the short run.

Semiconductors are found in a wide range of products in computing, autos, telecommunications, military systems, gaming and healthcare. Chips are typically behind most technological innovation. But the semiconductor industry is cyclical. During periods of high demand, upturns occur. The pandemic has meant increased sales in consumer items that have now translated into supply shortages.

Business cycles also impact auto sales. When the novel coronavirus hit our shores about a year ago, shares of car makers tanked. But

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