Day: July 27, 2021

Listen to the Gordon Murray T.50’s V12 exhaust note

The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, promised to be the greatest — and perhaps last — analog supercar, is still undergoing testing. When we last saw a T.50 prototype, its naturally aspirated, mid-engined V12 was rev-limited to low speeds. Now, GMA has released another video showing two test mules at slightly higher velocities, giving us a better idea of what kind of exhaust note we can expect.

The testing takes place at the Dunsfold, England, test track famous for its appearances on “Top Gear.” Though the Cosworth-built 3.9-liter V12 is said to have a redline of 12,100 rpm, in these tests it’s still limited to 5,000 rpm. Still, that’s enough to give us an idea of what kind of aural assault the car will deliver.

As it turns out, at low rpm there’s a lot of the baritone rumble that seems to be de rigueur in modern

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Slant Nose Widebody Porsche 997 Is Absolutely Wicked

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This beastly beauty resides in Tokyo, Japan.

If you aren’t familiar with the automotive culture of Japan, you might be surprised to see a Porsche 911 roaming the busy streets of Tokyo. Even more shocking is the level of customization oftentimes poured into such cars. Even among Japanese automotive masterpieces, this slant nose, widebody Porsche 997 is really something else.

Slant Nose Widebody Porsche 997 Is Absolutely Wicked

Slant Nose Widebody Porsche 997 Is Absolutely Wicked

According to Ben Hartnett, the master behind the camera of the video below, this Porsche 911 is owned by Mun Luck, an enthusiast who lives in Gunma, Japan. The guy is involved in quite a few different car projects, including Tofugarage, a private members club in Germany with ties to Rocket Bunny.

This car wears an Old and New Japan Porsche 997 Slant Nose Conversion kit, something VAD Design out of England

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Tesla finally made a profit without the help of emission credits

Tesla sold enough cars and energy products to turn a profit even without counting the sale of emissions credits to other automakers — a milestone for the company. This was the eighth profitable quarter in a row for Tesla, but the first where it can truly say it’s a profitable automaker.

Tesla shared Monday that it logged a $1.1 billion profit in the second quarter of 2021, with $354 million of that coming from credit sales. The rest came from automotive sales, as well as a boost in energy storage sales.

Tesla pulled this off despite taking a loss of $23 million on its big Bitcoin bet (something that had helped it to a profit last quarter), a delayed rollout of the revamped Model S sedan and Model X SUV, and the global semiconductor shortage. All told, Tesla generated $11.9 billion in revenue in the quarter.

The Model

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