Day: July 10, 2021

The Science of the New-Car Smell

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Sit behind the wheel and take a deep breath. Ah, that new-car smell, right? It’s a scent so desired that it comes in bottles and air fresheners, all to help drivers recapture those first few months of new-car ownership. But what exactly is traveling into our noses from all those various automotive plastics, leathers, carpets, and seat cushions, and why do we like it so much? We like it, in part, because of what it signifies.

“What’s really interesting about the smell of anything new … there’s often a sense of pride and accomplishment,” said Dawn Goldworm, who runs 12.29, a scent-based branding and marketing company in New York City. Along with her sister Samantha, Dawn Goldworm works with top fashion houses, five-star hotels, and an A-list clientele of automotive brands to help them figure out what their brands should smell like.

Their work includes

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What Are The Different Sorts Of Auto Business Jobs?

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Happy Collector Car Appreciation Day From Motorious

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How are you going to spend the day?

For the 11th consecutive year in a row, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) is encouraging people to celebrate their collector car during ‘Collector Car Appreciation Day’ today, July 9th. The day is officially recognized by Senate Resolution 271, and a similar House Resolution, 108, recognizes the day as “an annual event to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society,” according to SAN.

Learn why collecting cars isn’t as pricey as it seems here.

The co-chairs of the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus, including Sen. Richard Burr (North Carolina), Sen. Jon Tester (Montana), Rep. Bill Posey (Florida), and Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr. (Georgia) introduced the resolutions are part of the lobbying arm (SAN) of SEMA.

“These Congressional leaders are strong advocates for the automotive

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Rental cars difficult to find in Colorado, nationwide

Matt Kelley lives in Denver and works for Major League Baseball, but he’s like people traveling to the Mile High City for the All-Star Game: He needs a car.

He and his wife went looking for a rental car earlier this week and found prices had shot up. Another issue people face is a limited supply. Try to reserve a vehicle online at Enterprise near Denver International Airport during All-Star week and you get “Sold Out Location” across the screen.

Kelley said cars were available at the Enterprise he tried. He and his wife have only one car, which isn’t usually a problem, but “we have lot of things going on.”

“So instead of trying to arrange a bunch of different Ubers, that sort of thing, we decided to rent a car,” he added.

But Kelley went with a car sharing company when Enterprise quoted him $120 a day.

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