Day: September 15, 2021

Arm lays the groundwork for the software-defined vehicle



Cars are increasingly driven by code, from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to infotainment systems. Yet as these features and capabilities evolve, the software that needs to be developed, managed, deployed and updated becomes increasingly complex.

Arm is leading a collaborative effort to build a common development framework for the software-defined car to solve this problem. It’s working with major technology and automotive partners to develop standards, software, developer resources, and specialized processing platforms designed for automotive applications’ safety and real-time needs.

“We strongly believe a software-defined approach can help to address this growing software complexity,” Chet Babla, Arm’s VP of automotive, told reporters. “But without a common development framework, the industry can’t maximize supply chain efficiencies or accelerate innovation.”

There are three key elements to Arm’s approach, starting with new software architecture and open-source reference implementation. Next, it includes new reference hardware platforms. The last element is close

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Car prices are about to go up again, thanks to Hurricane Ida

Just when car prices looked like they were edging down from their record highs, they’re heading skyward again. It’s Hurricane Ida’s fault.Ida caused widespread flooding from Louisiana, where it came ashore as a hurricane on Aug. 29, to the heavily populated Northeast, where its remnants hit hard a few days later. It killed at least 86 people and its flood waters destroyed hundreds of thousands of cars, including many that were on car dealer lots.Ida’s wrath has simultaneously created a sudden demand for car purchases while further destroying already tight inventories. Hurricane Nicholas, which hit the Texas Gulf Coast early Tuesday, could add to the problems, especially if it causes flooding once again in Houston, one of the largest markets for car ownership in the nation.The storms could not have hit at a worse time. “Any new problem with car inventory is one problem too many,” said Kayla Reynolds, manager … Read More

The Mopar Vs GM War Rages On

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Two American legends go head to head in yet another battle.

America is a land full of competition whether it’s in the world of automotive manufacturing, racing, or modification cars seem to fit right within that attitude. From the battlefields of the American Revolution to the drag strips of Detroit, natural rivals always form in an aggressive struggle to take the title of the best. This is best reflected when looking back at the first muscle car revolution in which cars across multiple brands went head to head grinding gears and throwing beers at the first hot rod to pull up to the light. Fortunately, in the age of the second muscle car revolution, we have technology on the side of the enthusiasts which allows us to capture these mini battles on camera for the world to see. This brings us to today’s

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