Day: October 1, 2021

The former McLaren designer whose automotive art gave him a new lease on life

After over a decade at McLaren, and a career that had seen him work on the P1, 570, 720S, and the new Artura, things began to unravel for Paul Howse.

© Provided by Hagerty

The high pressure of his job as Design Manager took its toll and in early 2020, Paul signed off work due to depression. Then, while his personal world was being turned upside down, the outside world followed suit as the pandemic hit. Initially he was put on furlough and, later in the year, along with 1200 other McLaren employees, he was let go.

Fortunately, by this time Paul had already begun his journey on the road to recovery by getting back to something he had loved doing since childhood—drawing cars.

Paul was born into the world of motorsport, often joining his father trackside, where he worked as an engineer on Spice’s Group C program

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