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DALLAS, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A recent study found that the average US dealer is chasing over 100 leads each month that have already purchased elsewhere and are likely out of market. Most dealers are blind to this lost revenue and sales agents do not have an efficient method to filter through the list of leads provided to them. The end result is lost time and lost sales.

Urban Science’s industry wide, proprietary DataHub™ daily sales data helps dealers understand the full story behind their sales and defections for them to make strategic business decisions when it comes to the sales process. Car Wars leads the industry in call tracking software and provides seamless integrations with major automotive CRMs. With access to leads from these automotive CRMs alongside analytically vetted data to pinpoint qualified buyers, the combination of Car Wars and Urban Science is beyond powerful.

SalesAlert allows dealers to stop wasting time and money pursuing leads that are already likely out of market. Cars Wars marks ‘lost leads’ in a dealer’s CRM after Urban Science has vetted all leads against its DataHub™, ultimately suppressing those leads from being worked and wasting time.

TrafficView provides additional insight by showing dealers where in the cycle sales were lost. The solution breaks down these findings by lead source, model, salesperson, and geography to help dealers pinpoint what is driving defections to their competitors. And as for those customers sales agents still can’t quite get to, AutoHook steps in to assist in the pursuit of the highest intent-to-buy customers. With its targeted analytical approach, AutoHook leverages private incentives to efficiently turn in-market prospects into incremental showroom visits and new-to-brand sales.

“It’s very fitting for Car Wars to be able to offer these solutions to our clients alongside Urban Science. We place such an emphasis on dealers pursuing their hottest opportunities, and the collaboration with Urban Science means dealers can be more focused on pursuing customers that are likely to purchase,” says Jackie Bowers, EVP, Marketing & Product Planning at Car Wars. “Utilizing our existing CRM integrations means dealers can weave Urban Science’s solutions into their workflow in a very powerful way.”

SalesAlert, TrafficView, and AutoHook give dealers an upper hand in today’s competitive landscape. Learn more about these offerings by visiting or contact [email protected]

About Car Wars

Car Wars leverages human reviews, artificial intelligence and CRISP metrics to equip Sales and Service departments with everything they need to Own The Phone. By listening to and categorizing every inbound and outbound call at a dealership, Car Wars provides managers with insight into how every call is handled, alerts them when an opportunity needs attention, and actively improves phone performance in both sales and service.

Car Wars uses competition and transparent accountability alongside live call insight to create a high-powered phone culture that helps more callers faster and, ultimately, converts more phone calls into booked appointments.

About Urban Science

Urban Science is a leading automotive consultancy and technology firm that serves automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers, and the advertising technology companies that support them, around the world. Headquartered in Detroit and operating in 21 office locations globally, Urban Science taps the power of its science – and its unrivaled data, solution offerings and industry expertise – to create clarity and business certainty for clients in even the most chaotic market conditions. Visit for more information about how Urban Science helps automotive manufacturers and dealers gain competitive edges by taking the guesswork out of critical business decisions, and in turn drives improved efficiency and profitability industrywide.

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