Ghana Highway Authority vehicle snatched at gunpoint in Tamale


A pickup vehicle belonging to the Ghana Highway Authority has been snatched at gunpoint around Jisonayili in the Northern Regional capital of Tamale.

Information JoyNews has gathered indicates that the two occupants of the vehicle where driving when suddenly they saw a rider in front of them fall off his motor bike.

The source added that the two stopped to enable the person rise up only for someone hit the window of the vehicle breaking the glass.

They added that the person pointed a gun at them and ordered them to step out of the vehicle.

The vehicle was then taken from them and immediately the number plates removed before they drove off including the one who had earlier fallen before them.

The Northern Regional Police Command said it has received a complaint and investigations have commenced.

Regional Crime Officer Superintendent Bernard Baba Ananga said all the highway patrol units have been informed and the exits of the region has been closed.

“There was a robbery that was reported around 1 am when a Toyota Hilux Pickup with registration number GH 6207-20 belonging to the Ghana Highway Authority was snatched from the driver at gunpoint,” he said.

He added that they have mounted surveillance and were positive they will recover the vehicle.

“We have since declared a man haunt for these armed robbers and we believe most of them are coming from since locations and going round taking vehicles like that, because our high ways have been inundated with police officers especially at night and so we see that they are not seeing their way clearly,” the crime officer said.

Superintendent Ananga added that four vehicles have snatched in similar style in the area this year but the Police have been able to recover two remaining two.

He said the police was receiving some cooperation from some informants and believe they will be able fine the vehicle.

“We believe that we will be able to recover the vehicle and bring it to the owners,” he said.

Superintendent Ananga assured that the perpetrators are been pursued and would soon be apprehended.

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