How More and more innovation has helped to increase Tesla Stock?

Like Apple, Tesla (TSLA stock) must continue to push the boundaries of innovation and design. We must continue to mimic Apple’s inventiveness and design history (most technology competitors are outsourced). Tesla’s pioneering electric vehicles, BEV battery technology, and electric vehicle power trains are a good place to start. .. Keep It Simple: While typical automotive competitors can break their development efforts down into a complicated lineup of gasoline, electric, and hybrid vehicles, Tesla has a tight line of great quality products that stand out from the crowd. We need to keep watching developments. Apple Computer has taken this simple approach with great success with its Macintosh, Mac Mini, MacBook, iMac, and PowerMac lines.

Converting Sales

In 2016, TESLA again sold $ 1.46 billion worth of shares to meet the Model 3 production schedule, reaching TOYOTA TESLA sales in 2017. Last year, TESLA Motors, led by Aaron Musk, partnered with SpaceX to launch a rocket into space. In the same year, TESLA finally achieved its goal and the TESLA Model 3 was nominated for the world’s first car. On August 7, 2018, Elon Musk received funding by tweeting about the possibility of returning to privately owned TESLA Motors at a price of $ 420 per share.

The news woke up the trading world and made a big jump in the market as people wanted to make money quickly by buying cheap stocks and selling them to companies at the asking price. However, the SEC, which represents the Securities and Exchange Commission, has sued Elon Musk over tweets for disseminating false information and misleading investors. As a result, Elon paid a $ 20 million fine and became president of the company. With the start of the New Year, TESLA cut its workforce by about 7%, Elon Musk announced plans to sell the Model 3 for just $ 35,000, and recently the company announced its newest models, the SUV Y.

We hope to become TESLA Motors’ best-selling model. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy, and Musk is committed to bringing affordable electric vehicles to the average consumer. The company employs around 45,000 people worldwide. We believe the US will be more focused on electric cars and renewable energies. For this reason, we are expecting Tesla stock price will be $ 3000 in the next five years. Well, for this, the company needs to avoid any major accident and Elon Musk needs to carry on. These two factors will help in increasing the stock price. If you want to invest in this stock, you can check its income statement at