How To Get Personalized Plates In Montana And What Other Benefits You May Have When Registering Your Car In This State


The Department of Justice – Motor Vehicle Division of Montana oversees the issuance and distribution of personalized license plates. The state doesn’t allow you to determine whether the specific lettering on a license plate is available online. Rather, you need to use the personalized license plate application and then submit it to the County Treasurer Motor Vehicle Office of Montana.

During Montana vehicle registration, license plates may only be ordered by registered owners, and the plate ordered should be registered at the issuance time.

Getting a Personalized License Plate in the State

The MVD (Montana Motor Vehicle Division) provides custom tags with your personal custom number/letter combinations. A personalized tag choice should get approved by the Montana MVD, needs to count spaces as characters, have at least two characters, and mustn’t have spaces at the end or beginning.

You can work with a Montana registered agent to help you choose different kinds of tags, and this even includes specialty plates. Your agent can also help you complete the entire registration from start to finish so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Whether you own a PSV, all-terrain vehicle, travel trailer, utility trailer, motorcycle, or quadricycle, you will need to register your vehicle so you can get a license plate.

If the vehicle is brand new, you will need to represent the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. In case it’s a secondhand, you will have to approve the car’s current registration and title. So, in general, you will need to provide the following requirements:

  • Payment for applicable fees
  • Bill of sale
  • Odometer statement
  • Proof of insurance

Benefits Of Registering Your Car In Montana

Wondering why you should register your car in Montana? Some of the benefits include:

1.  No Sales Tax

Montana is known for exempting vehicle owners from paying sales tax, an additional fee that may save you a lot of money. Although you don’t have to be a state resident so that you may register your vehicle in the state, you will need to form a Montana LLC to be exempted from sales tax. 

2.   No Smog Test Required

One common test that comes with purchasing a vehicle is emission tests or smog checks. In most states, one of the first things technicians may check is basic exhaust emissions and evaporative emissions.

The cost for testing differs. Though some technicians may charge up to around $60. The cost may as well increase when the test is grouped with another type of inspection. Fortunately, Montana doesn’t require a car owner to carry out the test.

3. Personalized Plates

Basically, a personalized plate is a perfect way to add a unique flair to your car. With personalized plates, car owners may do something about themselves through the vehicles and even show off their personality.  Montana allows you to choose personalized plates for your car and these plates can be anything you want. They can be a family name, a hobby, or a cause that you’re passionate about.

The Montana MVD regulates the registration and titling of cars. But if you live out of state and just want to save money on vehicle registration, a registered agent can help you register your car or RV in Montana and complete the entire registration process for you even in your absence.

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