How To Replace a Battery in a Gas or Diesel Vehicle

How to Change a Car Battery | Advance Auto Parts

If your vehicle won’t start and you know the battery is to blame, the next course of action is to give your battery a “jump.” If that doesn’t work, your only other option may be to replace it entirely. 


If you can’t get to an auto repair shop Bellevue WA you will have to find an auto parts store. You will need to purchase safety glasses to protect against possible battery fluid splashback, anti-corrosion washers and spray, safety gloves and a socket wrench. 


If your vehicle stopped on a hill or at an angle, chock the wheels. Whether you drive a manual or automatic, always put on the emergency brake.


Refer to your owner’s manual to find both the type of battery you need and where it is in your vehicle. If you don’t have a manual handy, a peek under the hood (or in the trunk and wheel wells) may be your only option. However, you should first give your engine time to cool down so you don’t burn yourself. 


Once you have your replacement battery, you’re going to remove the old one. The two most important mechanisms here are the positive and negative posts. They are identified with positive and negative signs respectively. You’re going to want to start with the negative post, removing the securing nut and terminal completely. Positive should be done last. There may be additional clamps holding your battery in place. Remove them and put all loose parts somewhere safe.


Make sure the posts on the new battery are rust-free and clean. Then, apply anti-corrosion washers and spray. After you remove your old battery, put the new one in its place, with the negative and positive posts positioned exactly where the old ones were. Attach the clamps first, then the positive terminal, finishing with the negative.

Even if installation is successful, you may want to make an appointment with an auto shop to check your work and ensure there are no bigger problems.

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