‘Smart Car Leads’ Provides the Automotive Industry a 360-Degree Solution to Client Acquisition – Press Release

‘Smart Car Leads’ Provides the Automotive Industry a 360-Degree Solution to Client Acquisition – Press Release

The growing digitalization of the entrepreneurial space has revolutionized how the automotive industry works. People’s increasing reliance on online-based channels and their demands for a digitally-enhanced experience when looking for their next purchase have pushed ventures to implement measures designed to meet consumer needs. Highly cognizant of the changes in the landscape, Smart Car Leads have made it its mission to equip the automotive industry with the tools it needs to keep up. 

Since its launch, Smart Car Leads have consistently delivered its promise to provide solutions to reduce the time and monetary effort needed to acquire new clients. Its establishment rests on the recognition of the existing gaps in the automotive industry and the issues caused by the pandemic, including dried-up showrooms. In the face of the challenges brought about by the outbreak, the role of digital technology shone even more, and without it, a significant number of businesses within the space might not have survived. This is why the esteemed company puts a heavy premium on wielding the power of online platforms. 

From the get-go, Smart Car Leads has managed to set itself apart from a plethora of other service providers because of its expertise in capitalizing on artificial intelligence and the competence it has demonstrated in choosing the right channels and the right ways to filter out people and follow up with them. Additionally, it has succeeded in taking center stage thanks to its results-oriented process, which includes launching campaigns through avenues such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google, pre-qualifying leads through AI and moving prospects through the sales funnel and informing salespeople about warm and hot leads. In addition, it gives ample attention to conducting follow-ups and reminding users about their appointments through SMS and email. 

The custom-made solution that Smart Car Leads offers to every dealer is tailored to the sales force. With this distinctive approach, along with its signature process, it has helped clients in Canada, Mexico, and the US and is set to continue doing so in the future. At the moment, no other company boasts a 360-degree path toward snagging new clients and this particular competitive edge is bound to propel the innovative venture to greater heights.

In the coming years, Smart Car Leads plans to keep reinventing the wheel and banking on the advancements in technology to provide solutions to the issues prevalent within the automotive industry. With the inevitable prominence of the digital space as a way to gain the interest of customers and transform into a household name, it will zero in on refining its process to build its reputation further.

Furthermore, it hopes to serve countless more clients, helping their employees and families thrive. More than anything else, it does not only aim to continuously stress the importance of innovation, especially after global events that birth uncharted territories, but also disrupt the market.

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