Stolen Cars Worth Millions Found at California Weed Growing Operation


The CHP estimated the net value of stolen vehicles to be worth about $2.3 million; no value estimates were provided for the marijuana located at the site, but it’s certainly a lot. A two-month long investigation led to a search warrant served by the special Vehicle Theft unit “in the San Fernando Valley,” where the CHP recovered the lot of stolen cars and one firearm. A suspect was arrested on-site.

The thieves, or thief, is alleged to have misled local unsuspecting dealerships and made fraudulent purchases for new luxury and performance vehicles. Marques recovered at the scene named by the CHP include Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, and Porsche, and photographs also show various Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, and Corvette models too. No further details were provided in the police announcement, but an aerial photograph of the location shows over 20 vehicles parked in what appears to be the backyard of a home, lined up mirror-to-mirror, with other images showing extensive damage to some models.

It’s unclear what exactly the thieves planned to do with the stolen goods, but they certainly weren’t being cared for during their time in storage. Some of the vehicles will likely eventually be auctioned by the police after they’ve been processed for evidence, so if you’re looking for a deal and don’t mind some weed funk, you may be in luck.

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