There are more than 3,000 new and abandoned BMW cars in some part of the world

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Car fan? A video posted on social media showed several completely new and abandoned BMW models. Apparently, this “graveyard” of cars is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Philipp Katzenberger vía Unsplash

As reported by El Universal , these are more than 3,000 MINI JCW and BMW M4 and M6 cars, abandoned in 2015 after an eventful transfer trip to Canada that left the lot of cars badly damaged to have them repaired.

According to the information, the cars suffered mechanical problems due to poor belaying, and some of their electrical parts were affected and broken down by salt water and sand.

Faced with this scenario, the automotive company carried out an analysis that showed them that it was actually cheaper to store them and perhaps destroy them than to repair them, so they chose to make the insurance valid and since then there has been this “cemeteries” of luxurious cars.

Apparently they will be destroyed and some of their materials will be reused to “reduce the pollution caused by their storage.”