UK Government Prepares To End Car Modifications

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It’s time to follow the direction of the experts…

Ah the UK, the country which pretends to be the United States’ big brother but is in fact the big brother of its own populace. I am referring, of course, to a government which seems intent on tightening the screws on anyone who’s a car enthusiast. There’s been a governance crusade against those dastardly classic car owners but now it’s shifting to people who modify their ride.

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Of course, this is all for the health and safety of everyone on the island. After all, modified vehicles might not be safe in the very specific ways government officials have decided all cars must be safe (while ignoring the inherent lack of safety in certain modern “safety” devices).

What’s more, and get ready to clutch those pearls hard, some UK citizens modify their cars so they emit more emissions. Yes, it’s almost too much to process, but these cretins are trying to put the entire country underwater along with all those oceanfront properties people keep buying all over the world whilst saying sea levels are rising quickly. Yep, it’s a real emergency.

UK Government Prepares To End Car Modifications

The proposed rules and fines for violators has been set forth in a web document called Future of transport regulatory review: modernising vehicle standards which I’ve linked to for your review. Right now it’s in an “open consultation overview.”

Now here’s where things really take a turn: there are automotive enthusiasts in the UK who don’t like these proposed regulations. Obviously they want to be driving their cars over dead bodies as they kill everyone and the sea washes over the British Isles, erasing them forever.

What these alarmist car enthusiasts claim is that the rules would negatively “impact races, rallies and classic car restoration” (they also don’t believe in the Oxford comma in the UK, apparently). When the entire planet is dying nobody really cares if some jerk auto enthusiasts can’t race their little cars around, so why don’t they get that?

Among the different things these guys are whining about is how the changes might stop someone from swapping out the cool, ultra-safe factory seat in a car for a racing seat with a 5-point harness. We all know the seat in your Kia is much safer than what’s installed in a rally racer.

The same thing goes for those dinky stock brakes in your car versus some larger, slotted and cross-drilled rotors with carbon brake pads, because installing something like that means your car will stop faster, which obviously puts you in extreme danger. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

If you want to join in with the complainers saying these rules would be bad for car enthusiasts, you have until November 22 to let your voice be heard. However, I’ve heard you should just leave the decisions to the experts who always know what’s best for you in your life.

Source: Mirror

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