Day: August 15, 2020

Finding an Autos Fix When Everything Is Broken

From Car and Driver

From the August 2020 issue of Car and Driver.

It’s been six months since I went to a car show. As of this writing, I have not Meetup-ed, fun-runned, spring-flinged, drive-in-ed, or car-cruised—at least not with anyone else—in a long dang time. The closest I’ve come to a Cars and Coffee event was sitting in a Hyundai Sonata with the car’s Sounds of Nature setting set to “Open-Air Café” while I drank a latte out of a Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing mug.

I didn’t expect to miss car shows. I’m not an early riser and I hate washing my car. Since I’d never thought I was a car-show fan, I’ve been surprised to find myself daydreaming about standing around in a parking lot surrounded by raised scissor doors and polished chrome while a bunch of strangers tell one another performance lies and production

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