Day: January 14, 2021

The best cars and driving tech from CES 2021

This story is part of CES, where our editors will bring you the latest news and the hottest gadgets of the entirely virtual CES 2021.

The scuttlebutt going into CES2021 was that it would be pretty tepid as a car show, but I think it delivered, considering it was all done on a virtual showfloor.

Caterpillar showed one of its 285-ton mining dump trucks working autonomously, which gives me a lot to lay awake and worry about. Nothing the size of a duplex should make up its own mind about anything. But industrial vehicles will go autonomous long before anything intended for your driveway.

Autonomous Caterpillar mining truck

No. Nothing this big should be able to make its own decisions.


John Deere showed how it’ll use VR to transport

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