Month: July 2021

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Night At The Museum: The Brumos Collection

Night at the Museum is a new series from Hagerty—visiting car museums around the country, telling stories from the silence. In a year where public spaces offer unique resonance, we decided to visit our favorite automotive temples at night, when they’re empty and quiet. We brought with us a heap of curiosity and the keys to every door in the building, wheeled or otherwise. ­Enjoy. –The Editors

a car parked in a parking lot

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We hit Jacksonville in late afternoon, as the sky faded to purple glow. It was the aftermath of one of those Florida storms that comes and goes in five minutes—ominous walls of clouds, thousands of feet tall, and then clear sky a few minutes later.

The building resembles a 1920s Ford plant. There was one in town, in the early part of the last century, assembly for Model Ts. Dan Davis liked the architecture and what the place

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Is the vehicle I got for free worth fixing?


John Paul, AAA Northeast’s Car Doctor, answers a question from a reader who didn’t pay anything for a car that needs a lot of work.

The 2007 Dodge Nitro. Dodge

Q. I have a car that my brother gave me, and wanted to know if it’s worth putting money into to fix. The car is a 2007 Dodge Nitro SLT 6 cylinder with all-wheel drive. The check-engine and airbag lights are on, it has failed emissions, the brakes need to be done, and it idles roughly. The belts I see look like they need replacing. Plus, the two rear windows will not go up. 

A. You easily listed what could amount to several thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Considering the car is 14 years old and was not the best vehicle built by Chrysler at the time, even as a free car the repairs may not be a

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Listen to the Gordon Murray T.50’s V12 exhaust note

The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, promised to be the greatest — and perhaps last — analog supercar, is still undergoing testing. When we last saw a T.50 prototype, its naturally aspirated, mid-engined V12 was rev-limited to low speeds. Now, GMA has released another video showing two test mules at slightly higher velocities, giving us a better idea of what kind of exhaust note we can expect.

The testing takes place at the Dunsfold, England, test track famous for its appearances on “Top Gear.” Though the Cosworth-built 3.9-liter V12 is said to have a redline of 12,100 rpm, in these tests it’s still limited to 5,000 rpm. Still, that’s enough to give us an idea of what kind of aural assault the car will deliver.

As it turns out, at low rpm there’s a lot of the baritone rumble that seems to be de rigueur in modern

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