Lincoln Towncar With Sizable Luxury For Sale

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The classification of a car as a so-called “land boat” requires a few prerequisites to cement the vehicle in its certification as such. For one they are always big, extremely heavy, and have long wheelbases. However, the qualifications for these archetypes of asphalt need not all be bad. For instance, many of the big and heavy boats of yesteryear also came equipped with luxury beyond its time. This led to the term “Land Yacht” which better expresses the car’s focus on luxury and style. One of the most prolific manufacturers of these behemoths is Lincoln, they have always made quite the name for themself because of the brand’s focus on comfort and commodity.

Gold is the embodiment of style when it comes to luxury, luckily this 1979 Town Car’s interior wastes no time telling you that. Everything from the carpets to the dash is finished in a gold color scheme which helps to accent perfectly with the cream exterior. This big-bodied boat also sports the infamous 400 cubic-inch Lincoln V8 under the hood thrusting 159 horsepower through the original 3-speed automatic transmission. Speaking of original, everything on the car is as it came from the factory. The engine and trans, both original, are in good shape with the car only having been driven a total of 5 miles. Once more, the car has only ever had one owner so you can be sure that the information you get about the car is coming from a reliable source.

Luxury is the first word when it comes to these comfort Lincoln, their huge interior and classic boxy exterior allow the car to have an enormous presence. This allows for the most comfortable and sustained satisfaction with the car whilst driving. Oftentimes, while the car sports very low horsepower and performance numbers overall, old luxury cars can be extremely fun to drive due to the manufacturer’s focus on the driving experience. Just for the added benefit of traveling through time in the car, the vehicle comes with the owner’s original manual, warranty card, and window sticker. This Lincoln Towncar, for sale through Premier, is a look into the past and how it has benefited our future making it the perfect buy for anyone looking to own a piece of American automotive history.

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