Troubleshooter helps Clayton driver back on the road after waiting six months for recall fix on car

CLAYTON, N.C. (WTVD) — Imagine going more than six months without your car all because you’re waiting for a part to come in.

Supply-chain issues continue to impact the automotive industry, which means drivers are stuck in a bind if parts are needed for a particular repair or recall

“I just want my car, something I can drive, you know?” Ross Asbill said to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

He contacted Wilson after getting fed up with not hearing when he’d have his car back from the dealership.

“I’m paying on the vehicle and insurance and property taxes on it. You know, I can’t even look at it,” Asbill said.

The problem started in July, while Ross was driving his Ford Focus.

“It just popped up an error message on the screen that said service immediately,” he recalled.

He took his car in right away and learned it was a recall issue involving the transmission control module. He said the representative at the service department told him that “the parts been on backorder for a year, and no idea when it’s gonna be in.”
The Ford dealership took his car but offered him nothing else.

“No rental, no loaner, no nothing. We’re just stuck without a vehicle,” Asbill said.

For six months with no word of when the recall issue would be fixed, Wilson reached out to the dealership and gave a representative all of Asbill’s information. No one from the dealership got back to Wilson but Asbill got great news within a week when he called the dealership.

He says he was told, “It’s fixed, it’s ready to go, come pick it up.”

After waiting more than six months with no word on when this Ford Focus recall issue would be fixed, he finally got it back.

“So glad I decided to just reach out to you because I probably just still be sitting here without a car,” Asbill told Wilson. “You know. It’s insane.”

This issue is not unique to Ford, as Wilson heard from other drivers also waiting for parts to come in that fall under a recall. The best advice, be persistent, call every week to see where your car falls in line when it comes to getting done, also file complaints with the manufacturer.

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