Video shows thief breaking through wall to vandalize and steal a car Texas Trust Auto Sales in southeast Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Surveillance video shows a thief breaking into a car shop on Monday morning in southeast Houston.

The thief used a car battery, a drive shaft, and her brute strength to bust through sheetrock of the shop and vandalized multiple vehicles in the 8000 block of the Gulf Freeway.

Video shows her face clearly looking through the hole in the wall before vandalizing the property.

The employees at Texas Trust Auto Sales spent their Monday fixing cars instead of selling them.

Mounir Driss, owner of the dealership, said he discovered the damage at about 9:00 a.m. and started recording video with his phone.

“I really thought this was not one person doing this. Then, when I found out it was a female, that shocked me even more,” Driss said.

Once the woman broke in, she first went where they keep car parts and paint.

Surveillance video captured her strange behavior. She wore sunglasses and a sports bra while she vandalized a black Chevrolet Camaro writing, “Jesus loves you.”

She also painted the number seven all over walls and wrote out the message, “I love Anexa.”

“We have nothing about Anexa. We don’t know Anexa. I wish that somebody knows,” Driss said.

He was also hoping somebody can identify the robber.

“Somebody that comes in and spends that amount of hours in a place breaking stuff. Robbing stuff. Not worried about anything. This person can do a lot of damage if they’re still on the run,” said Driss. “We have been robbed before, but nothing like this.”

The thief got away in a gold Mercedes SL500 hard-top convertible.

“When you get hit in a big loss like this, it just hurts,” said Driss.

If you have helpful information, you’re asked to call CRIME STOPPERS at 713-222-TIPS.

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