Day: June 30, 2021

How S4M converted 44% of impressions to Volkswagen dealership visits

Volkswagen is a German multinational automotive corporation, famous for its high-quality cars. Founded in 1937 with the sole purpose of mass-producing today’s world-renowned Beetle, it now designs, manufactures and distributes passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, engines and turbomachinery across the globe. The company operates in approximately 150 countries and has maintained the largest market share in Europe for over two decades.

In the race to gain consumers’ attention during the crucial period of January, Volkswagen Import wanted to complement its mass media advertising strategy by leveraging mobile activations to increase its visibility and promote its four bestselling car models – Golf, Polo, T-Roc and Tiguan – to drive more visits to dealerships across Belgium.

The strategy

To reach over-solicited buyers and make its brand stand out, Volkswagen partnered with drive-to-store specialist S4M for the Brussels Motor Show 2020 to create a dynamic mobile campaign that would appeal to car lovers

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Used-car prices are poised to peak in U.S. after pandemic surge

The record-breaking increase in used-car prices is probably coming to an end – and with it a key driver of the recent spike in U.S. inflation. The bellwether of the industry – the wholesale market where dealers buy and sell in bulk – already has topped out and prices of individual secondhand cars should follow in a matter of weeks, said Zo Rahim, industry analyst at Cox Automotive. Cox owns Manheim, the biggest U.S. auction house that sells millions of vehicles every year. Soaring prices for secondhand vehicles have helped push U.S. inflation to the highest in more than a decade. The cost of used cars and trucks climbed 10% in April, and another 7.3% in May, when they were responsible for one-third of the overall increase in consumer prices. All kinds of pandemic-driven shifts in supply and demand have contributed to the run-up. But there are signs that

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The Fast & Furious Car Boss Explains Every Ridiculous Vehicle in F9

Photo credit: Giles Keyte/Universal Pictures

Photo credit: Giles Keyte/Universal Pictures

Dennis McCarthy’s official credit on F9: The Fast Saga is “Picture Car Coordinator,” but his job is way more than that. He’s the car guy whose automotive tastes have powered the most dominant blockbuster car-movie franchise in history. McCarthy has been involved with the Fast franchise since Tokyo Drift, but his wide-ranging movie credits include everything from big-ticket Marvel projects to Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-nominated musical La La Land. For F9, he again took up the responsibility of finding, casting, and preparing the vast majority of the hero cars seen in the film.

Road & Track spoke with McCarthy right as F9 debuted in the U.S. to find out the backstory behind the cars that define the latest installment of this juggernaut series.

And just because it bears mentioning: This interview may include some mild spoilers about F9: The Fast Saga. We

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