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The best bikes and tech of the Giro d’Italia so far

After just three days of racing at the Giro d’Italia, it’s already time for a rest day and, with that, our first rest day tech gallery of the race. 

The unusually early break has been positioned as such to allow riders and teams enough time to transition from the race’s grande partenza in Hungary to the Giro’s proper home, Italy. Luckily, despite the comparatively small number of kilometres covered, there has still been a lot to see so far. 

As Mathieu Van der Poel’s ride title on Strava says; “Hungary you were amazing”, and it’s a statement true of the racing we’ve seen, the scenery we’ve passed through, and particularly for this writer, the tech we’ve been able to glimpse. 

In just three days of racing, we’ve had a host of exciting talking points, and here you’re going to get them all in one place, so grab a coffee, sit

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Citi Bike and Lyft Just Launched a More Powerful E-Bike in NYC With Noteworthy Improvements

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lyft

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lyft

  • Citi Bike and Lyft have launched a more powerful e-bike in NYC.

  • Riders will enjoy a farther battery range, increased visibility, and more watts.

New York City’s bike share, Citi Bike, just rolled out its latest addition to the fleet of commuter bikes stationed throughout the city. And rather than just a new colorway, Citi Bike has gone big with the addition of thousands of new e-bikes. After partnering with Lyft, e-bikes were added to the Citi Bike fleet, but this addition will increase the number and address some of the issues with the current batch of e-bikes.

First, these new e-bikes are both powerful and extremely user-friendly. A single charge provides 60 miles of assisted riding, and the motor gives you a 500-watt boost. The bikes also come equipped with front lights, and the frames are painted with reflective paint (like street

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The Best Free Online Tools to Map Your Own Bike Routes

Image for article titled The Best Free Online Tools to Map Your Own Bike Routes

Photo: Oleg Troino (Shutterstock)

Whether you’re in an unfamiliar place or broadening your horizons in your hometown, there are plenty of tools online to customize different walk, run, and bike routes wherever you are. The online tools we’ll highlight here are not all created equal, so let’s take a look at the best free options depending on what you’re looking for in a map.

The following options all have solid reviews and, most importantly, are either free or have free versions that can get the job done. For all of these, I recommend using the desktop version over the mobile app, at least at first; I find it’s a lot easier to drag and drop different points on your paths using a mousepad versus your touchscreen.

How to map a bike route with Google maps

You’re probably well-acquainted with Google Maps, even if you haven’t taken

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The Best Bike and Skate Shops in Seattle

Seattle Pedals so much it gets called the best cycling city in the nation—pretty impressive given our hills. Debates about e-bikes are the norm, with our shops ranging from giant to boutique, many with cafes to fuel the engine. For all your other outdoorsy needs, check out our list of best gear and clothing stores in the city.

Rad Power Bikes


Though e-bikes are everywhere, the Ballard-based Rad can claim nationwide fans, including Prince Harry. The showroom has versions of the battery-powered vehicles to try, plus a service shop.



Though best known for its camping gear selection, the downtown flagship (and to a lesser extent, the outposts in Issaquah, Renton, Lynnwood, and Bellevue) has cycling gear and some bikes on hand. The retailer even makes its own branded bikes.

Velo Bike Shop


A shop by name, but more like a warehouse. Nearly

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