Day: November 16, 2021

The BMW M1 Is an Exotic Free of Compromises

bmw m1 drive


There are cars that are faster. There are cars that handle better at super speeds. There are cars that have more exciting styling. But anytime you want to put an end to the argument of which is the best exotic car in the world, drop the name BMW M1. A hush will fall. . . and most enthusiasts who have had the opportunity to drive a variety of the world’s most exclusive automobiles will nod knowingly. They may disagree eventually with your choice, but they will surely pause to consider their arguments. When you make your living as an automotive journalist, life is an ongoing debate of the merits of various cars, particularly exotic cars. And, for most of us in this profession, the M1 holds a special place.

This story originally appeared in Road & Track’s 1986 Exotic Cars: 4 issue.


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Spyros Panopoulos Chaos is a rocket posing as $14M ‘ultra car’

Spyros Panopoulos Automotive has hit nearly all the prime touchstones in the hypercar genre. The car’s got a wild name: Chaos. It’s got grand, abstract trims: Chaos Earth, and Chaos Zero Gravity. It’s got wild horsepower: either 2,049 horses in Earth guise or 3,065 in Zero Gravity form. It’s got components made from expensive and exotic materials, like 3D-printed titanium and Zylon. The performance claims are monumental: zero to 62 mph in 1.55 seconds for the Zero Gravity, 62 to 124 mph in another 1.7 seconds, and a top speed beyond 310 miles per hour. But the first of three unexpected derivations from the hypercar game are the Chaos’ country of origin: Athens, Greece, a completely in-house product of Panopoulos Automotive, which apparently produces specialized parts for exotic production cars. The second is its price, either 5.5 million euros ($6.3M U.S.) for the Earth, and 12.4 million euros ($14.1M

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