Day: November 24, 2021

Carnomaly is Bringing Transparency to the Automotive Industry By DailyCoin

Carnomaly is Bringing Transparency to the Automotive Industry

Over the years, car sales and management (e.g, tracking a car’s history) have been challenging, and using centralized protocols has made it practically impossible to achieve efficient management and tracking systems for such a purpose. Notable reasons for this include trust issues, limited access to information from a global network of users, and lack of transparency, among several others.

For instance, it is quite difficult to access a detailed history of a car before making a purchase. As a result, automobile dealers are mostly in control of the situation, and can easily control the market’s value so that it favours only them.

On the other hand, a consumer or buyer who is unaware of a vehicle’s full history cannot make a well-informed decision about a potential purchase.

Now, after many years of no meaningful endeavour to resolve these major challenges, Carnomaly, a

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Electric cars already threatened by poor charging infrastructure warns SMMT

British motorists are turning to electric vehicles in ever-greater numbers but the rapid growth of EVs is under threat from a below-par charging infrastructure warns the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Ford plug-in electric car

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Ford plug-in electric car

Speaking at the organisation’s 104th Annual Dinner, SMMT president Dr George Gillespie said there are already more than 115 zero emission capable vehicles on sale in the UK and the industry “has inspired the public to buy these exciting vehicles in numbers never seen before.

“But here is the twist. It is so frustrating to find broken chargers, blocked chargers, multiple apps, confusing payment schemes.

“This is quickly going to turn a lot of people off electric vehicles and all our work in developing these fantastic vehicles will be wasted.”

The warning was delivered to a guest list that included automotive industry executives, media, and other stakeholder representatives –

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Reifen für Elektro- und Hybridfahrzeuge

Beim Kauf von Autoreifen für Elektro- und Hybridautos ist es wichtig, die besonderen Bedürfnisse von Fahrzeugen mit dieser Technologie zu berücksichtigen. Hybrid- und Elektroautos verwenden Batterien, um Energie zu speichern, und diese Arten von Autos sind wiederum schwerer als normale Autos mit Verbrennungsmotor. Achten Sie beim Reifenkauf unbedingt auf Reifen mit guter Haftung und Traktion sowie Reifen mit geringem Rollwiderstand, um Ihre Kraftstoffeinsparungen optimal zu nutzen. Elektroautos fahren nicht per se mit Kraftstoff, aber mit geringem Rollwiderstand sparen sie Energie, was dazu führt, dass mit jeder Ladung eine längere Strecke gefahren werden kann. Dies wird bei Winter- und Winterreifen noch wichtiger, da Grip und Traktion bereits beim Rollen auf Schnee und Eis von Bedeutung sind.

Title: 205/55R16 Sommerreifen

Es ist üblich, dass Hybrid- und Elektroautos das Werk mit Sommerreifen verlassen, da diese meist einen sehr geringen Rollwiderstand haben. Dies ist ein ausgezeichneter Reifen für den ganzjährigen Einsatz bei mildem Wetter. Wenn Sie … Read More

12 new cars that will never go out of style

Some cars never go out of style. It’s rare, but it happens. They get old. They get depreciated. But they never stop looking cool.

Some might call them modern or instant classics. Within a few years they’re no longer the latest and greatest, no longer the flavor of the month, but they remain special. Eternally special. Timeless.

These cars aren’t necessarily going to be worth a fortune someday. However, some may not depreciate as rapidly or as far as other models. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. These are the cars that enthusiasts will always find desirable from the curbside. They’re the cars you end up shopping on eBay late at night 10 years later because you can’t get them out of your head. They’re the cars that will forever excite you when you spot a clean one in traffic or in a parking lot.

There are

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